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Certified flat vacuum tables from G.P.I. save screen printers money and enhance quality

Chicago, May 2018—State-of-the-art vacuum tables from Graphic Parts International, Inc. are exclusively certified for flatness and available in a wide variety of configurations to suit any screen printing application. Certified flatness ensures that printers can take full advantage of today’s precision screen printing tools and techniques to optimize image quality and reduce production costs.

A recent upsurge in interest in precise control of all aspects of screen printing operations has created an industry-wide demand for high-quality work surfaces that can be relied upon for flatness, smoothness, and resilience, even in sometimes harsh production environments.

Surface flatness facilitates even application of inks, ensuring image repeatability and boosting production efficiency. Verifiable flatness also creates the correct conditions for the use of a range of modern processes and standards designed to enhance quality and consistency. Because flatness is the fundamental parameter in the screen printing process, controlling for flatness is essential to derive the full economic benefits of the most recent screen printing innovations.

G.P.I. customers receive an exclusive flatness inspection report with every vacuum table produced. Each table is thoroughly inspected and certified for flatness across its entire surface by production technicians and engineers prior to shipping, so you can be confident in the foundation of your process.

G.P.I. offers a wide range of vacuum table features and options as well as customization to meet your specific requirements. Available options include disappearing registration guides, threaded inserts, custom cutouts, and lift pins. Custom surface materials include stainless steel, anodized aluminum, phenolic, Formica, and enameled-core magnetic steel.

For more information on G.P.I. Vacuum Tables and Vacuum Table Systems , or any of our products and services, visit our website at Graphic Parts International, Inc. , a division of The A.W.T. World Trade Group, Inc. 4321 N. Knox Ave., Chicago, IL 60641. Phone: (773) 725-4900. Email:   [email protected].

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