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Nordic White Ink

Nordic White Ink is designed to cover 100% Polyester and Polyester - Cotton Blends. This ink has a very creamy consistency combined with superior bleed resistance. Designed for use on 100% Polyester and Polyester - Cotton Blends. High Opacity Low Bleed White Superior Printability For 100%... Read More

Metallic Inks

Add an amazing metallic effect to your garment. Atlas carries glitters, shimmers, and metallics. A clear glitter like the crystalina can be printed over the design to give any color a shimmer effect. Read More

Puff Additive

A puff additive can be added to an ink to create a raised effect. Giving your garment a unique dimensional look. Read More

OrangeWorks Emulsion

Orange Works™ Pure Photopolymer Emulsion is fast exposing, easy to reclaim, and ideal for screen printing shops with humid environments. ● Ideal for shops with humid environments ● Fast exposing ● Very easy to reclaim ● Fast drying ● Superior mesh bridging ● High solids (47%) — lower cost per... Read More

EconoPRO Dip Tanks

EconoPRO™ Dip Tanks are an easy solution to process your manual or automatic frames just add a dip tank solution like the 150C Ink & Emulsion Remover plus water and you are ready to remove ink and emulsion from your screens. Before placing frames in solution, cart away excess ink for solution... Read More

Workhorse Automatic Press

Workhorse has a line of automatic presses for every printer. From the entry level Freedom Express to the high production Sabre models. Each press has state of the art technology and is loaded with features other presses don't have included. Read More

BBC Conveyor Dryers

BBC has set the standard in conveyor dryers with their high efficiency quite electric dryers. Their Little and Big Buddy Conveyor Dryers provide excellent value with their combination of dryer efficiency and cost. Additionally, their forced air line of conveyor dryers offers true forced air.... Read More

Workhorse Powerhouse Series II PD 3009

Not just for plastisol anymore! The Powerhouse Series II Conveyor Dryer cures plastisol and water-based ink at industrial rated production speeds. The control center is managed via a touch screen tablet that is easy to use while providing you much more information than ever before. A ground up... Read More

Workhorse Lumitron LED Screen Exposure Unit

The Lumitron units deliver fast, uniform and high resolution exposures using long lasting LED light strips. In addition to the fast exposure times and fine line detail, this unit will reduce your setup times, energy costs and overall cost of ownership. Unlike expensive metal-halide bulbs that... Read More

Workhorse Super Seca Flash Cure Unit 18 x 18

The Super Seca is the most economical and functional flash curing unit in the industry. Keeping with the Workhorse tradition, the Super Seca is built to last with the dependability you rely on for your print shop’s needs. 110V, 1,950W, 17A Head Size: 18 x 18 5 year warranty 360 degree head... Read More

Xpress 1620SA Swing-Away Heat Press 16 x20

*Transfer Platen Size: *16” x 20” Swing-Away Type Press for Easy Garment Mounting Adjustable Height Caddie Stand System Even and Accurate Heat Distribution Center Controlled Force Multiplier Pressure System Hover Capability for DTG Pre-Treat Process Adjustable Manual Pressure System LCD Display... Read More

Permaprint Premium Water Based ink

Permaprint Premium Inks are a 100% solvent free environmentally friendly ink. It can be used on a variety of substrates including sealed paper, cardboard, polyester (Mylar), polycarbonate plastics and some coated metals. It has an intense pigments which provide for excellent opacity and rich... Read More

Permaset Supercover Water-Based Inks

Permaset Supercover is a ready-for-use water-based ink designed for dark fabrics. It comes in 13 colors with 2 whites and a black. Also, available are the Permaset Supercover Glow Colors which consists of 8 florescent colors. Read More

Edge DTG Ink for F2000/F2100

EDGE™ DTG Ink is designed as a Plug & Print replacement for *EPSON's SureColor F2000/F2100 Direct-to-Garment Printers. No need to flush the lines just simply replace your current inks with the EDGE™ DTG Ink Compatible Cartridge. Manufactured to provide high performance image quality and... Read More

Workhorse Mach Series Press 6 Color 4 Station

This press was designed for the printer who makes his or her living behind a squeegee. Light enough for ease of use day in and day out, but solidly welded to provide a rigid platform for life. The Mach printers are ideal for growing and high volume shops producing sophisticated designs. With the... Read More

Complete Screen Printing Business Course

This is the ultimate screen printing business course. Terry Combs has 30 years of experience in the screen printing trenches, printing hundreds of thousands of shirts, training thousands of students, this is the one and only class to offer you the definitive “start a screen printing business”... Read More

Workhorse Wash-It Booth 36" Wide

A washout booth is a must for any screen printing shop. The Wash-It Washout Booths are designed to work at waist height and are ergonomically built for both function and comfort. Dimensions: 72"H x 36"W x 24"D Large Screen Capacity Solid Waterproof Steel Construction Translucent Back... Read More

Accu-Stretch Modular Screen System

Printing at higher, uniform tensions provides faster production speeds, improved registrations, longer screen and squeegee life, more consistent ink deposits and lower ink usage. The patented Accu-Stretch provides these benefits while eliminating complicated stretching systems, training and... Read More

Heat Transfer Textile Foil

Heat Transfer Textile Foil works with a variety of different products. You can transfer using screen printing (water based and plastisol), laser, or vinyl. It is adds value to garments and makes designs stand out. Read More

BBC Aeolus Forced Air Conveyor Dryer 36" Belt

The Aeolus is the next generation of Forced Air Conveyor Dryer. Using BBC’s proprietary heating elements there is nothing that BBC Aeolus dyer can’t cure. From plastisol to pretreat, and everything in between, the Aeolus out shines the competition. The Aeolus’s revolutionary design uses banks of... Read More

3" Atlas Split Tape

Blue areas on the tape contain no adhesive to keep your frames clean and free of adhesive residue. Tape will not break, tear, or shred saving time in reclaim. No release liner to remove, makes applying quick and easy. Eliminates need for costly labor and solvents to clean frames. Economical to use. Read More

DC 521 Dual Cure Emulsion

Universal, blue dual cure photo emulsion intended for most textile and graphic shops who need a versatile, inexpensive stencil. Its high 37% solids, low viscosity and excellent leveling allows for fast coating without pinholes. DC 521 copies with incredible detail and speed. A low cost, high... Read More

RapidTag LP1 Automatic Tag Printer

The LP1 was originally designed to be a tagless automatic press. However, the RapidTag Press is now being used to print many odd shaped products. It is the most affordable and popular models in the RapidTag line. The RapidTag LP1 Automatic Printer is a 5 station press with 1 print head and... Read More

EconoPRO 150C Ink & Emulsion Remover - 5 Gallon Pail

EconoPRO™ 150C Ink and Emulsion Remover Concentrate (5 gallon pail) dissolves ink, emulsion, blockout, and adhesive residue without harming the screen printing mesh. EconoPRO™ 150C is the fast and efficient way to clean in one process. Removes ink, emulsion, blockout, and adhesive in one easy... Read More


The ProBlast Textile Spot Cleaning Gun is both strong and lightweight. It has adjustable pressure to accommodate different fabrics. 110-120V - 60Hz 1,800 p.s.i. 1 Year Warranty Adjustable Pressure Lightweight No Compressor Just Plug & Clean FREE Gallon of Blast-Off Spot Cleaning Fluid Read More

HBE 5ft 2000W Conveyor Dryer

HomeBased Equipment conveyor dryers are ideally suited for the home based or small shop screen printer. They come standard with a heat resistant 20" wide PTFE coated belt. Conveyor dryer comes with a 5 year limited warranty and all components are UL listed. Read More

Atlas 3" Quick Rip Tape

Hand-tearable with a blue non-adhesive edge providing a tab to lift Quick Rip Tape from the screen. Same adhesive and backing as Split Tape allowing for clean removal. Read More

Paper Number Stencils

Paper number stencils are inexpensive but your time is not! Why waste time with the hassles of paper number stencils that are not punched out all the way or do not line up properly. stencils are designed to accurately line-up for consistent number positioning. Other... Read More

Zen White™ Ink

Zen White™ Ink is a low bleed bright white with excellent printability. It has a creamy consistency combined with excellent bleed resistance. Rendering a perfect balance of printability and coverage. Ideal for both Manual and Automatic Presses. High Opacity Low Bleed White Enhanced Optical... Read More

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