IKONICS Announces Breakthrough Sandcarving Machine

Press Release from Chromaline Screen Print Products

DULUTH, MN - IKONICS Corporation (NASDAQ:IKNX), a Duluth-based imaging technology company, announced its IKONICS Imaging division recently introduced the CrystalBlast Summit, featuring Patent Pending CleanFlo Tapeless Technology, which translates to zero use of masking tape , an attractive feature in the a rea of sandcarving. According to Peter Norman , IKONICS Imaging ’s Corporate Sales Manager, “the introduction of the CrystalBlast Summit represents the continuation of an ongoing effort to help our customers become more efficient.”

"Until now, businesses in the sandcarving industry have found taping, or protecting a blastable substrate to be a very tedious process.” In addition, Norman explains, “the CrystalBlast Summit retains the same high quality CleanFlo standard features of the CrystalBlast line of sandcarving units, along with new features that truly reinvent sandcarving.” New CleanFlo features on the CrystalB last Summit include the tapeless interchangeable port system, an automated toggle switch and hopper button, and reverse suction, creating a secure seal betw een the blastable substrate and port system. The CrystalBlast Summit is part of the CrystalBlast line of equipment which includes the CrystalBlast Elite, CrystalBlast Pro and CrystalBlast Pioneer. Ken Hegman, Vice President Sales, North America, marks the introduction of CrystalBlast Summit as the latest effort in the company’s drive to introduce new, innovative products into the sandcarving market.

According to Hegman, continuing to improve the CrystalBlast line is a key step in that strategy.

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