Chromaline Introduces Pure Photopolymer Water-Resistant Emulsion.

Press Release from Chromaline Screen Print Products


In order to meet the rise in popularity of water-based screen printing by the textile industry, Chromaline has developed ChromaTech WR: a water-resistant photopolymer emulsion that has been optimized for both screen-making and stencil durability on-press. ChromaTech WR exhibits the fast exposures and extremely sharp resolution capabilities that you expect from a photopolymer, and can be used with confidence on press with water-based, discharge, and plastisol inks—making it possible to build successful stencils for the most challenging artwork/ink selection combinations. Screen printers can expect ChromaTech WR to easily reclaim with conventional stencil removers, which can help to extend screen-life on the shop floor. ChromaTech WR is an excellent all-purpose addition to Textile shops that provide ink versatility for their customers! For additional information about Chromaline’s ChromaTech WR, visit . Chromaline Screen Print Products, 800-328-4261


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