LED Retrofit Kit For Screen Exposing Units

Press Release from Vastex International, Inc.

ALLENTOWN, PA⎯Vastex International has introduced LED Light Kits to convert fluorescent screen exposing units to high performance LED exposing units.
The kits are easy to install in exposing units of most makes, models and sizes, saving approximately half the cost of new LED units, according to Mark Vasilantone, president. 

"Exposing units converted to LED lighting expose screens approximately 10-times faster than fluorescent units and hold significantly finer detail with less undercutting regardless of emulsion type, providing performance on par with metal halide exposing units but at far less cost," he explains. 

The LED Light Kit also provides extraordinary bulb life of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, virtually eliminating the need for bulb replacements, while offering low heat emissions and low power consumption. 

The light kit comes in a wide range of sizes to fit virtually any fluorescent exposing unit housing.  

For existing tabletop exposing units, Vastex also manufactures utility carts and drying cabinets with optional casters that can be used as mobile stands for the exposing units.
In addition to light kits, the company offers complete LED exposing units with fully automatic controls in both tabletop and floor-standing models.  

The company also manufactures heavy-duty manual screen printing presses for starting shops to high-volume commercial printers, infrared conveyor dryers, flash cure units, screen drying cabinets, washout booths and complete screen printing shop systems, and offers a comprehensive range of training classes for entry level, intermediate and advanced screen printers.
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