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About Silicon Publishing Inc.

Silicon Publishing develops and supports publishing applications based around Adobe InDesign Server. We have worked closely with Adobe Systems over the past two decades, and they continue to be a strong partner, client, and source of some of the coolest publishing technology available today.

Silicon Publishing was in the first group of InDesign Server solution providers (since 2005), building solutions for Amazon, Google, Nike, Old Navy, Hallmark, Disney, Verizon, Adobe, and many others.

As we grew we were able to hire a number of ex-Adobe staff, including several key members of the Adobe InDesign team. It is safe to say we are the world leaders at InDesign automation, with both the desktop and server forms of the product. Olav Martin Kvern, author of Real World InDesign and all the InDesign Scripting Guides/samples, Rich Gartland who made huge contributions to the product since its inception, Michael Easter, who wrote the linking architecture for InDesign and built our Connector product; those are just a few of our great people.

Our flagship product, Silicon Designer, is the highest quality, most scalable, most extensible online editing solution in existence. It has been proven around the world by companies who lead in the domain of online document personalization.

Our Silicon Designer Pagination module (formerly Silicon Paginator) allows for data-generated output on top of the Silicon Designer platform.

Our Silicon Connector product enables true URL-based linking from InDesign to a wide number of DAMs and storage systems, including Sitecore, AEM, Bynder, Webdam, DropBox and Box.

Products by Silicon Publishing Inc.

By Silicon Publishing Inc.

Silicon Designer - Edit InDesign Documents Online

Silicon Designer is an online editing platform based on Adobe InDesign Server. It offers the highest-quality output, at scale, and a fully customizable user interface. It is modular and extensible, easily integrated with shopping carts, DAMs, and other systems. Building templates with Designer... Read more »

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Silicon Connector - Digital Asset Management Meets Creative Cloud

Silicon Connector is a revolutionary extension to Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Creative Cloud Apps that enables direct collaboration with assets stored in your DAM. Once Silicon Connector is installed, the creative team will have easy access (from their Adobe tool of... Read more »

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By Silicon Publishing Inc.

Silicon Paginator - Data-Driven Document Publishing

Silicon Paginator enables data-driven document publishing & automation for brochures, catalogs, datasheets, one-to-one marketing pieces, financial statements, and more… Paginator allows you to use data from multiple data sources to automate the production of InDesign documents using Adobe... Read more »

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