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Press Release from Gyford StandOff Systems®

Gyford StandOff Systems announces their new website featuring new round-the-clock resources for their clients. Some of the updates include an online shopping cart including pricing and the ability for clients to spec and quote their own orders. Extensive photo and video galleries have been updated new ideas and ways to install Gyford's products. A live customer support chat option is also available on top of extensive product specs, line drawings and descriptions. The new user-friendly layout allows clients to easily navigate through Gyford's six extensive product lines and print out specs or images to show their customers. Check out the updated site at .

About Gyford StandOff Systems

Gyford is the original sign StandOff designer and leading US manufacturer of precision aluminum and stainless steel decorative mounting hardware. They offer interchangeable components that include a variety of standoffs, wire hanging systems, rod hanging systems and connecting hardware. Gyford supports a variety of industries to create:

·          Awards

·          Graphics

·          Banners

·          Signage

·          Shelving       

·          Exhibits

·          Gallery Installations

·          POP Displays

·          Retail Displays

·          Tradeshow Displays


Gyford manufactures 100% of their decorative mounting hardware products at their facility in Reno, Nevada from materials sourced in the USA. Gyford also offers extensive design support, custom parts and other resources for their clients. Gyford is committed to sustainable business and manufacturing practices and maintains this through green processes and recycling. The company is celebrating their 25 th anniversary this year.  

Discover more about Gyford at .

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