Tex Visions Introduces Decorative Curtains and Interchangeable Banners

Press Release from Tex Visions

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, 10/8/2013   – Last Thursday, Tex Visions introduced two new accessories, Decorative Curtains and Interchangeable Banners, to its Advertising Tent product line.

Decorative Curtains come in 20 different colors to complement graphics for company branding or product releases at an event. The tent curtains are created from dyed Multiflag®, come in one standard size, and are the ideal way to create a polished look for an advertising tent. They can enhance and personalize tent space and make it stand out from competitors at exhibitions and other events.

The Interchangeable Banners are custom printed and are available in four styles: Portrait, Landscape, Square and Valance. Valance banners are great for tents with only a canopy but for tents with walls, the other 3 styles can be used to change the look of the tent when needed. These banners are versatile and provide more advertising options for a tent by allowing the changing out of graphics for marketing or promotional campaigns. Each banner is made with our Multiflag® fabric and features hemmed sides that is finished with hook-and-loop adhesive.  

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