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INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Herff Jones, an achievement division of Varsity Brands and the leading provider of graduation and educational products and services, created a Virtual Grad Fair App to provide college students a way to attend their Grad Fairs – an exciting part of the commencement experience – when the current environment does not allow for it due to safety concerns.

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The Virtual Grad Fair App, provided at no cost to campuses that Herff Jones services, has been designed for the college market as a way for students to attend a grad fair online, in the event they are unable to proceed with traditional in-person celebrations in the fall or spring.

"The achievement of college graduation is one of the biggest moments in someone's life. Whether it's taking photos with their graduation regalia, sending graduation announcements to friends and family, or seeing all their fellow graduates getting ready for commencement at the Grad Fair, the experiences leading up to the commencement ceremony can be just as memorable as the ceremony itself," said Brian Fleming, Senior Vice President and General Manager of College and Commercial for Herff Jones.

"Our Virtual Grad Fair App incorporates the celebration, excitement and informative aspects of an in-person Grad Fair -- which we know students want -- while allowing for necessary social distancing practices."

To access the app, students either scan a QR code with their phone, or text their school's custom short code for a direct link. Schools have the option of uploading a personalized welcome video from a campus official, like the president, chancellor, or provost, which students will see once they login. From there, students can take steps to learn about the various graduation products, see specific designs and styles applicable to their school and setup meetings with Herff Jones representatives to discuss any questions they have about their schools' graduation products. They can also easily share the information with anyone in their family or friend group who may need to know.

This free resource is available now through your local Herff Jones sales representative or by emailing HJcollegesales@herffjones.com.

Indianapolis-based Herff Jones is the leading provider of graduation and educational products and services designed to inspire achievement and create memorable experiences for students. A division of Varsity Brands, Herff Jones' products include class rings and jewelry, caps and gowns, yearbooks, diplomas, frames and announcements as well as motivation and recognition programs. Focused on building long-term relationships through a nationwide network of over 2,000 employees and sales partners, the professionals at Herff Jones have been helping elevate the student experience throughout the lifelong journey of education for more than 100 years. For more information about Herff Jones or Varsity Brands, please visit www.herffjones.com or www.varsitybrands.com.

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