PostcardMania Brings Big Data Analytics Free to its 87,161 Small Business Customers

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CLEARWATER, Fla., July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --PostcardMania, a $59 million Inc. 500 marketing firm, recently launched a new data feature within their hybrid Google/Facebook/Instagram direct mail product, Everywhere Small Business™. This new feature provides everyday small business owners with demographic data insights for all new prospects automatically.

The new feature will come standard with PostcardMania's Everywhere Small Business™ product, a multi-channel marketing bundle that incorporates targeted direct mail postcards; matching Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads; and proprietary performance tracking for each campaign component via an online, real-time dashboard. This dashboard tracks all incoming calls per campaign and appends each new caller's record with their corresponding demographics.

Demographic insights will include but are not limited to: each prospect's full name, address, age, gender, phone number, phone line type, person/business status. All data populates automatically, providing business owners with valuable analytic insights and contextual information pertinent to each new prospect without costing them time or money.

The demographic data component in question is programmed in tandem with every campaign's unique call tracking number. This number rings into any phone line of the business owner's choosing while simultaneously recording every call (for later listening and training opportunities) and capturing every prospect's ID and information.

"Small business owners don't have time to track and measure every nitty gritty detail within their marketing, but these insights can be valuable to the sales cycle and to future targeting efforts," said PostcardMania Founder and CEO Joy Gendusa. "So it's important to bring that data to business owners trying to generate leads and revenue with their marketing, instead of just saying, 'Here's another marketing tip for you: use a call tracking number with data integration.' That just creates another chore for them. Our feature is right there, in the heart of a comprehensive marketing program they're already using."

Continued Gendusa, "My goal at PostcardMania is to make dynamic, high-tech, multi-channel marketing both accessible and affordable for small business owners. Everywhere Small Business™ costs just pennies extra per direct mail piece, yet small business owners receive agency-level service, design, and analytics to make their marketing as successful and data-driven as possible."

Current subscribers to PostcardMania's Everywhere Small Business™ product have already been granted unlimited access to this new data analytics feature. All new subscribers will gain access upon the initiation of an Everywhere Small Business™ campaign.

This all-inclusive, turnkey program starts affordably at $0.535 per piece (postage included) and covers small businesses on all relevant marketing channels today. Higher quantities yield an even lower per-piece price.

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