Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

21 Cummings Park Drive, #272
Woburn, MA 01801

About Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is a technology company that manufactures and provides advanced silicone inks, textile printing inks, plastic printing inks, metal printing inks, supplies, and equipment to printers and decorators world wide. We're known for our commitment to our customers, and are consistently recognized for outstanding service and cutting edge innovation.

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Products by Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

By Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

M1200 is a heavy-duty, pneumatic 1-color large image pad printing machine. This machine has rapid pad printing job change over design setup and changeover. This machine is designed for large image printing. Automotive, medical, footwear, textile, and promotional industries use this printing... Read more »

By Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

MG Series screen and pad printing ink is a specialty 2-component pad printing ink formulated for use with glass, ceramics, metals, and hard plastics. Additionally, this ink is excellent for printing on plated surfaces, chromed surfaces, hard plastics, epoxy resins, and lacquered surfaces. The... Read more »

By Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.

UV ink for inkjet printers is formulated to produce vibrant colors. This series is a neutral ink formulated for a wide range of applications, both hard and flexible. Examples of substrates where this ink shines are: glass, tile, metal, acrylic, and soft (PVC, TPU) materials. This inkjet printing... Read more »

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