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Magnetic Cylinders

Our Magnetic cylinders are manufactured to a high quality standard that assures accuracy and consistency of the final product. Body made from nonmagnetic stainless steel provides an excellent protection against corrosion, does not deprive the strength of magnet power and enables high and equal... Read More

Anvil Cylinders

Rotometal supplies Anvil Cylinders as well as Support Rollers made from high quality tool steel. Depending on the customer needs, it can be induction hardened or core hardened up to 62 +/-2 HRC. Anvils can also be made as plus or minus cylinders to compensate the difference in material... Read More

ANTIFRICTION Print Cylinders

Rotometal has developed a new method for hardening printing cylinders: ANTIFRICTION. It is a breakthrough solution that optimizes the friction properties and smoothness of the coating thanks to the use of the Polimeroxid®matrix, which is cross-linked with a special LF4 polymer over the entire... Read More

Air Cylinders

Rotometal offers different kinds of tint kits for varnishing and other applications. The installation of the rubber is quick and easy. There are two collar rings to secure the rubber sleeve in position. This solution allows to work on entire surface of a rubber sleeve and enables an endless... Read More

Embossing Cylinders

Rotometal embossing cylinders make full use of all the advantages of the embossing technique. This consists of, in essence, squeezing the material between two hard forms - named male and female. Our cylinders are produced for the method of cold embossing, i.e. creating a three-dimensional... Read More

Cylindry CRO Sleeves GF ANTISTATIC

Using state-of-the-art technology, we manufacture our sleevs with a composite base layer additionally coated with ANTISTATIC carbon coating. This coating has excellent conductivity, which has been tested and verified by an independent accredited body. All this means that our CRO GF ANTISTATIC... Read More

Print Cylinders

Our print cylinders are made of special aluminum material or steel. The working surface can be anodized to protect it from scratching. The plate cylinders can be made of tube to reduce the weight. All cylinders are supplied with standard gears, but for better quality of print we can also supply... Read More

Sheeters (cross-cutters)

Our removable blade sheeters are precisely manufactured with CNC machinery to guarantee high center-to-center and square accuracy in order to provide best cutting effect. Two types of blades – for cutting and perforation - to suit different requirements. On customer request the slots can be... Read More

IMAG Magnetic Cylinders

IMAG (Internal Magnets Cylinders) Magnetic Cylinders have been designed to optimize cylinder performance in the most effective way. This is not to be confused with other hidden magnet solutions. IMAG provides Lighter, Stronger, Better magnetic cylinders that help improve your manufacturing process. Read More

CRO Sleeve GF Print Cylinders

Using the latest composite production techniques, we produce our sleeves from the composite itself or composite with an aluminum layer. This allows the use of other materials such as PET, Polyurethane, Polyester or very durable epoxy resins. Technical Details: Layers responsible for the... Read More

CRO Sleeve AL Print Cylinders

In our product range, modern CRO Sleeve AL Print Cylinders can also be found. These cylinders can be produced using aluminum or polyurethane material as a working surface. Easy and fast assembly, high working precision are very good arguments for using them. Less waste during the mounting of... Read More

Bases for Rubber Coated Cylinders

Bases for rubber coated cylinders also known as varnishing cylinders, lacquering cylinders can be supplied for vide range of machines. The base cylinder can be made from steel or aluminum with various types of gears upon customer request. Product Advantages: - High precision workmanship - Fast... Read More

Cutting Units

Perfect solution for small production and samples. Can be used as an additional module in existing machines. Equipped with a Rotoset pressure control system. Different working widths and rotary tooling configuration. Manually or mechanically operated. The frame can made from steel or aluminum.... Read More

Cylinder Racks

Rotometal supplies advanced storage solutions which make cylinder racking easy and convenient. Cylinder storage rack is a safe and cost effective solution which protects the tools from accidental damage, maximize machine operator safety in the workplace and help organize working areas.... Read More


We can supply a variety of gears which are typically produced from steel, although other materials are also available. Helical or spur teeth gears can be offered in standard quality and also hardened and ground to reduce the noise, eliminate backlash problem and to ensure high quality of print.... Read More

End Rings

We supply End Rings made from aluminum in a standard or hard anodized version. Application of modern manufacturing technology enables us to provide highest quality of this product. Available for almost all types of screen printing cylinders. Technical Details: -nAvailable for most machines -... Read More

Rotoset control

This easy-to-use system allows machine operators to monitor the force applied to the punching tools on easy-to-read gauges. The height of the set screw can be easily adjusted immediately after changing jobs with the quick-latch system. The working range of the manometer is max 160 bar. To meet... Read More

Bearing housing

Bearing housing is an indispensable element of a magnetic cylinder, anvil, support cylinder, embossing cylinder or sheeter. Read More

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