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  • Fabrics for Printing with Standard Solvents By Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems

    These 100% polyesters treated for printing with standard solvents. These fabrics are normally supplied without paper backing but we can back them for you, please call for a quote. Certified flame retardant. Rolls run 100 to 110 yards. Read More
  • Finger-lift Double Sided Tape By Fantastak Ltd

    Finger-lift tapes from Fantastak have an oversized liner of 3mm on each side of the adhesive edge, which allows for easy removal of the liner during or after the application. This is ideal when either quick removal is required (less fiddly than flush edge tape) or if the tape is to be left for... Read More
  • Finishing Applications By Stratasys

    Finishing applications for 3D printed parts offered by Stratasys include: bead blasting; bonding and gluing; electroplating; mass finishing; painting; PPSF finishing; sealing FDM parts; smoothing FDM parts; tempering FDM parts; and, more. For prototypes nearly indistinguishable from injection... Read More
  • Finishings By Bert-Co

    We can bring together specialty coatings, unique substrates, and unusual structures to help you seamlessly execute packaging that’s Innovative. We give you more to consider when designing your package. Bert-Co’s extensive in-house capabilities coupled with our unique sourcing capabilities and a... Read More
  • Flexible Packets, Wrappers, Sachets & More By Consolidated Label Co.

    We print flexible packets, wrappers, sachets, and stick packs on durable, pliable material which can be formed into a single-use packaging solution. Whether you want to cut bottles out of the production process, create single-use versions of your product, or distribute samples to potential... Read More
  • Flush-Edge Douple Sided Tapes By Fantastak Ltd

    Fantastak are able to slit and rewind most flush-edge tape, from tissue to polyester, to any length and width according to your requirement. We have in house precision cutting and winding machines and dedicated specialist technicians that have the capacity to deliver high volumes within tight... Read More
  • Foil Stamping By Larkin Industries

    Foil stamping is the application of foil to a selected substrate using heat and pressure. It requires a custom die. Products and Capabilities A wide variety of metallic and colored foils Special effect foils including pearl, clear, patterned and numerous others 3D security and other... Read More
  • Fulfillment + Shipping By A & B Printing LLC

    A + B Printing + Mailing’s fulfillment and shipping services can add flexibility to your business and help streamline your operations. Our team will work with you to develop a unique solution for your fulfillment needs, including warehousing your product to deploy as-needed and on-demand, and... Read More