Products in the Printing Business Directory

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  • IMAG Magnetic Cylinders By Rotometal

    IMAG (Internal Magnets Cylinders) Magnetic Cylinders have been designed to optimize cylinder performance in the most effective way. This is not to be confused with other hidden magnet solutions. IMAG provides Lighter, Stronger, Better magnetic cylinders that help improve your manufacturing process. Read More
  • Image Analysis By Metlab Corporation

    Metlab offers a wide range of image analysis software and cameras. Read More
  • Ink By Jacquard Inkjet Fabric Systems

    Choose from a vast selection of ink, including Huntsman Lanaset SIHS, Huntsman Novacron MI, Huntsman Terasil TS, Jacquard Permanent Pigment Textile Inks, Jacquard Reactive Inks, and Jacquard Acid Inks. Read More
  • Inks By Kao Collins Inc.

    Collins makes a lot of ink. On average, 600 new products are created per year! While not all of our products are listed online, we understand that even our standard inks can be somewhat difficult to navigate through. Don’t fret! If you get overwhelmed or can’t find what you’re looking for,... Read More