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  • Scopes By Metlab Corporation

    Metlab offers a wide range of microscopes, including metallurgical, inverted metallurgical, stereoscopes, biological, and more. Read More
  • Sectioning Supplies/Equipment By Metlab Corporation

    Sectioning supplies and equipment, including abrasive cut-off wheels, cutting fluid, and abrasive cut-off machines. Read More
  • SEIT Textile Lasers By Hirsch Solutions

    SEIT Electtronica Textile Laser Bridges interface with your multi-head embroidery machines to produce intricate applique, stunning laser etching, dazzling sequin effects, incredible reverse applique and unique multi-media designs with great efficiency, amazing detail and lightning speed. With... Read More
  • Sheeters (cross-cutters) By Rotometal

    Our removable blade sheeters are precisely manufactured with CNC machinery to guarantee high center-to-center and square accuracy in order to provide best cutting effect. Two types of blades – for cutting and perforation - to suit different requirements. On customer request the slots can be... Read More
  • ShopVOX - shop management software. By shopVOX

    Whether you run a small business or a large enterprise, shopVOX has the right software solution to fit your business. For smaller businesses, shopVOX Express has the tools and features to help you organize, track, and manage your workflow with a simple, easy-to-use interface. With a simple... Read More
  • Shrink Sleeves & Bands By Consolidated Label Co.

    Shrink sleeves are full-body labels that completely wrap around containers with 360-degree graphics, adding visual interest to product packaging. Not only do they offer more design space over pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeves are moisture and abrasion resistant thanks to their durable... Read More
  • Stratasys Production Series By Stratasys

    Imagine production without the oppressive costs and time requirements of tooling. Make changes quickly and affordably — at any stage in the production cycle. Create low–volume assembly fixtures and jigs directly from CAD data. Additive manufacturing is where the world is going, and nothing will... Read More
  • Super Eco Discs - Eco Wafer Seals By Fantastak Ltd

    Super Eco Discs are translucent single sided discs for use on a variety of closing applications to include luxury packaging and tamper proofing. Manufactured from 100% recyclable paper and biodegradable, they offer an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic discs. Available in... Read More
  • SuperDiscs - Wafer Seals By Fantastak Ltd

    SuperDiscs - Wafer Seals are round adhesive acetate labels used to seal food packaging, cosmetics, wallets, envelopes and mailers. Available in removable or permanent adhesives, with or without a perforation to suit all jobs. Perforated SuperDiscs are ideal for applications where you can... Read More
  • SuperDot Roller By Fantastak Ltd

    SuperDot Roller (SDR) sticky dots are available on rolls of 2,000 for 5mm, 1,500 for 10mm and 1,000 for the 15mm dot sizes, they are dispensed with the SuperDot Roller gun to lay down single or continuous rows of sticky dots. The SuperDot Roller gun is a portable device that can be used... Read More
  • SuperDot Sheets By Fantastak Ltd

    SuperDot Sheets are available in perforated double backed sheets for 5mm, 10mm, 18mm and 25mm sizes. SuperDot Sheets can be applied to a promotional item, leaving a clear top liner in situ to be removed at a later date. SuperDot Sheets are transparent as standard but are available to be... Read More
  • SuperDots - Sticky Dots By Fantastak Ltd

    Fantastaks SuperDots are a faster, cleaner, cost-effective alternative to hot melt adhesives, glue guns or slow drying glues. SuperDots are available in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm and 15mm sizes and in 1000, 2000, 5000 and 10,000 dots per box as standard; bespoke dots sizes are available. Strengths... Read More
  • SuperPads By Fantastak Ltd

    High Density SuperPads: High Density Super Foam Pads are our own foam pad solution primarily used to give greetings cards a 3D effect. Specially crafted to a high standard, Fantastak's SuperPads are ideal for crafting 3D effects and for use as a protective barrier in many packaging... Read More
  • SuperRoller (Double Sided Tape) By Fantastak Ltd

    The SuperRoller is the latest development in industrial double sided tape application - super lightweight and designed to be ergonomically balanced, shaped to fit the hand perfectly. It has a unique cartridge refill system which means you can replace empty cartridges or swap adhesive strength... Read More
  • SuperSquares & SuperStrips By Fantastak Ltd

    SuperSquares work on the same principle as the SuperDots, they offer a larger bond area and larger size variance with more accurate form. Strengths available: Easy Tak, Easy Mid Tak, Mid Tak, Ultra Tak, Vertical Hold Removable, Vertical Hold Permanent. The standard size is 10mm x 10mm and can... Read More